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Reviews by B. Kalivac Carroll forthcoming 
Kalivac Journal or elsewhere.

In-progress ESSAYS and PAPERS:
"Fabulists of the Numinous: A Philosophico-Phenomenological Explication of Wonder and Image Consciousness in the Art of Varo and Borges"
by Bob Carroll 
Essay topic: 
"Wonder and Mystery in the Writings of Jorge Luis Borges and in the Paintings of Remedios Varo" 

"Three Absolutes in the Art of Adi Da Samraj"
by Bob Carroll 
Essay topic: 
"Reality, Truth, and Beauty in the Radical Aesthetic 
and Revolutionary Art of Adi Da Samraj." 

Forthcoming BOOK REVIEWS
Magicians & Charlatans: Essays on Art and Culture. 
by Jed Perl. Eakins Press Foundation, 2012.
Review topic: 
"Jed Perl's Essays and Reviews." 

Wonder: from Emotion to Spirituality
by Robert C. Fuller. University of North Carolina Press Foundation, 2006.
Review topic: 
"How the emotion of wonder is central to the human experiences of meaning, beauty, and spirituality." 

Transcendental Realism: The Image-Art of egoless Coincidence With Reality Itself
by Adi Da Samraj. Second Edition, Dawn Horse Press, 2010.
Review topic: 
"The uniquely profound and radical art commentaries and Transformative aesthetic 
of artist, author, and spiritual adept Adi Da Samraj." 

Strange Wonder: The Closure of Metaphysics and the Opening of Awe
by Mary-Jane Rubenstein. Columbia University Press, 2011.
Review topic: 
"Wonder in the Philosophies of Plato, Marin Heidegger, Emmanuel Levinas, 
Jean-Luc Nancy, Jacques Derrida, and others." 

Wonder, The Rainbow and the Aesthetics of Rare Experiences
by Philip Fisher. Harvard University Press, 1998.
Review topic: 
"The Aesthetics of Wonder." 

Remedios Varo: Unexpected Journeys
by Janet A. Kaplan. Abbeville Press, 2000.
Review topic: 
"The Unusual Life, Art and Aesthetic of Spanish-Mexican Artist Remedios Varo and How Her Art Intersects with Wonder While Communicating Her Investigation and Exploration of Mystery and Mysticism, First as a Surrealist but Ultimately in Her Own Para-Surrealist Style of Painting." 

Surreal Friends: Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo and Kati Horna
by Stefan van Raay, Teresa Arcq, Sharon-Michi Kusunoki, Antonio Rodriquez Rivera, and others. 
Lund Humphries Publishers, 2010.
Review topic: 
"The Art of Three Women Surrealist Artists, Friends in exile in Mexico in the 1940's." 

Memoirs of the Blind: The Self-Portrait and Other Ruins
by Jacques Derrida. University of Chicago Press, and the Louvre series ,1993.
Review topic: 
"Derrida's Very Nonlinear Explication of Drawing, Vision, Blindness, Self-Portraits, Fathers and Sons, Conversion, Confession, Tears." 

Art and the Religious Experience: the “Language” of the Sacred.
by F. David Martin. Associated University Presses, 1972.
Review topic: 
"A remarkable work on participatory experience and the arts."

Schopenhauer and the Aesthetic Standpoint: 
Philosophy as a Practice of the Sublime.

by Sophia Vasalou. Cambridge University Press, 2013.
Review topic: 
"The Aesthetic of Arthur Schopenhauer." 

Tasting the Moon: Adventures in the Meaning of Life
by Meg Fortune McDonnell. Dandelion Broadcasting 2011
Review topic: 
"Memoirs of a Passionate Spiritual Practitioner's Life and 
the Story of Her Sacred Relationship with an Authentic Spiritual Master."

Flann O'Brien: The Complete Novels: At Swim-Two-Birds, The Third Policeman, 
The Poor Mouth, The Hard Life, The Dalkey Archive

by Flann Obrien. Everyman's Library, 2007.
Review topic:
"An Irish Comic Genius and One of Three Irish Literary Icons: 
James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Flann O'Brien." 

Art? No Thing!: Analogies Between Art, Science, and Philosophy.
by Fré Ilgen. PRO Foundation, Artists. Bookworks, 2004.
Review topic: 
"Why modernism matters in contemporary art and aesthetics."

The Rebirth of Sacred Art: 
Reflections on the Aperspectival Geometric Art of Adi Da Samraj. 
by Gary Coates. The Dawn Horse Press and Da Plastique, 2013.
Review topic
"A Scholarly Explication of Aesthetic Issues Pivoting around the Topics of Perspectivity and Aperspectivity, from the Renaissance to the Transformative Art of Adi Da Samraj."

The World as Light: An Introduction to the Art of Adi Da Samraj.
by Mei-Ling Israel. The Dawn Horse Press and Da Plastique, 2007.
Review topic: 
"A Beautifully Illustrated, Well-Written and Articulate Introductory Guide to the Revelatory Work of a Uniquely Accomplished Artist"

Phantasy, Image Consciousness, and Memory (1898-1925).
by Edmund Husserl. Springer (English translation), 2005.
Review topic: 
"Lecture Notes on perception and image consciousness 
by the founding pioneer of modern phenomenology."

The Ecstatic Quotidian: 
Phenomenological Sightings in Modern Art and Literature. 

by Jennifer Anna Gosetti-Ferencei. Pennsylvania State University Press, 2007.
Review topic: "
The Undoing of Presupposition in the Intersection of Modern Art and and Phenomenology."

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